Pinch zoom in Viewport when GH window is active

While the GH window is the active one, the rotation with 2 fingers and panning (shift+2fingers) using trackpad works fine in the rhino viewport, however, pinch zooming is not possible ( though it is still possible to zoom with Option+2 fingers). It would be nice if pinch zoom works as the rotation and panning does.

It’s on the TODO list (MR-2468). Thanks!

Hey @dan, I think @fbarazi meant the pinch to zoom gesture in the Rhino viewport, while GH is active.
When the GH window is active it is possible to pan, orbit and zoom (cmd + two finger) in the Rhino canvas, but it is not possible to use pinch-to-zoom… Would be cool if that could be fixed.


Ah yes! Thanks @rudolf.neumerkel. This bug:

RH-40387 Unable to Zoom Rhino Viewport when Grasshopper window is key

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be able to fix that bug.

Alright, thanks for the info! It is not completely crucial, since I work more with the mouse anyway, but it would be good if that could fixed some day!

Hey @dan, I haven’t realized this before, but this behavior actually seems to be standard across the whole macOS ui. When you have for example 2 Safari windows open and one of them active, you can still scroll and pan in the other one, but you can’t pinch-to-zoom… Maybe this is an issue that can be solved with a future macOS update.
Hope this is helpful!

Indeed…that’s a “feature” of macOS, unfortunately. Hence:

without a very significant development effort.