ZOO on Mac OSX?

I am not sure if this was discussed before: Will there be a ported version of ZOO for OS X? It would be a hassle in a pure Mac environment to run a Win-Computer only for the license server.

Yes, this has been promised… but no date has been set for release. --Mitch

…but we are working on it.

So that means… “soon” ! :smile:

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That means “Eventually”.

another try:

maybe “this year” (2015)?

Not likely this year,no.
We are using our limited developer resource for working on projects and features that are of more critical need. An OSX Zoo would be a convenience but there is a viable alternative with the Windows Zoo.
An OSX Zoo will happen eventually but as development and priorities resources permit.


Thanks all a lot for your information an status report.

I do have another question regarding this topic:
Would it be possible to run Zoo on Windows in an virtual environment like VM Ware Fusion or Parallels to serve licenses for Rhino Mac versions in the connected network? (As a workaround…)

Thanks in advance.


Hey @dale,

New request from the same client on the progress of a Zoo that will run in a 100% Mac environment (no Windows machine to run the Zoo on). It seems that this is not really high on the priority list… The question is, can the upcoming cloud-based Zoo be proposed as a viable alternative? If so, @brian how soon will this be ready?

Thanks, --Mitch

It’s on the development pile.
That’s all I know.
We are focused on getting V6 finished and released.
All other projects are on “the back burner” for now.

What, the cloud Zoo or the Mac Zoo?

Mac Zoo.
I doubt Cloud Zoo will be added into Mac Rhino until V6.

Cloud Zoo is currently a very early and incomplete WIP gadget.
I can make it work from a testing point of view but it’s too bothersome to use when I’m doing tech support.

OK, thanks, so it looks like I have no good solutions to offer the client currently… :frowning2:

Actually, running a Virtual Machine under OSX/macOS to run Windows and the Zoo works fine.
The Zoo wiki page has the special details for that:

Yes, that is the current option, but it still implies running and maintaining a VM plus a Windows install…


Hi Mitch,

We don’t have a committed time frame for publishing Zoo 6 for macOS, as there are still a couple of technical hurdles to overcome. But I do believe you will see one sometime in the Rhino 6 time frame.

In the mean time, the solution is to run Windows in a VM environment.

– Dale

Hi Mitch, I really have no idea. There’s a ton of work left in the Cloud
Zoo, and it may not even ship with Rhino 6. And given the huge amount of
changes we’ve needed to make to support the Cloud Zoo in the Rhino WIP, we
probably won’t be porting support back to Rhino 5 for Windows or Mac.

And we’ve gotten very very few requests for the Zoo running on a Mac
server, so it has dropped pretty far down the priority list.

Ouch… ooookaaay… --Mitch