Rhino for Mac. Zoo without windows

Dear all,
I want to buy a Rhino License for Mac, to use in our office for two people. Is it possible to use the license with 2 people, or do we have to buy two licenses?
Beforehand I need to know, wether the Zoo or Cloud Zoo can be used for Rhino on Mac WITHOUT having a Windows Computer or installing other additional software (such as VMware).

Gratefull for any help!
Kind regards, fritz

If you want to have two people use Rhino at the same time, you will need two licenses.

The current version for Mac (V5) does not support the Cloud Zoo. It does work with the LAN Zoo, but that only runs in a Windows environment, so you will need PC or a VM with Windows installed somewhere on the network.

V6 for Mac (including the current WIP) is able to use the Cloud Zoo.

Thank you for the information. So the way to work with Rhino on two different Mac (not simultaneously) would be to buy a Rhino for Mac license and Update it to V6 for Mac (WIP)?

I guess you could buy one license of V5 for Mac and with that, get your WIP license key and put it in the Cloud Zoo. That way you could share the one license among more than one user (not simultaneously). I assume that would work, although I haven’t tried it myself. Note that the WIP is development software, it may have serious bugs or crashes and needs to be updated regularly to continue running (once a month IIRC).