Zoo download/change log

First, from https://www.rhino3d.com/download -
if one clicks on the “Zoo” link, it leads to the Zoo home page on the wiki:

Then you have to find the download link on that page to download. While I understand you want to inform people on what the Zoo is, it seems like when coming from the McNeel “Download” page, the link should go directly to the Zoo download page.

Second, once on the Zoo download page:


Clicking on the “Read change log” link gets me to this page:

i.e. a blank page…


Hi @Helvetosaur,

I think there is enough confusion with the Zoo (what it is, why you’d need it), that we’d prefer to have the link run through this page. However, I do think the Zoo home page has gotten busy, and finding the download link is difficult. I’ll add a YouTrack item to ensure this page gets some attention.


– Dale

Punching the “Read change log” link still comes up with a blank page… --Mitch


– Dale