'Zebra' in Grasshopper

I’ve used very well in Rhino6 the VB component provided by @DavidRutten in an old post from Grasshopper forum ( https://bit.ly/2GvBTrZ ) but in RhinoWIP it doesn’t work and as I’m not a programmer I don’t know how to fix it! Any help will be apreciated!

Thank you in advance!

I still don’t know how to fix it but it seems that the function
mat.SetEnvironmentTexture(T, True)

doesn’t work.
Others functions works
mat.SetBitmapTexture(T, True)
mat.SetTransparencyTexture(T, True)

Related to that !!

it seems that you can do the same using Matcap shader in GHGL

With a picture like this one

zebra.gh (13.2 KB)

Thank you very much! Seems it works for me!


1 year later, it is still the same.
There are any plans for this to be fixed?

Do someone knows any workaround from c# ?

I could use GHGL but usually prefer to have definitions that works on any machine without further installation/restart… and that runs on both, rhino 6 and 7.