Matcap display trick

Hi all,

I was playing around with previewing textured meshes in Grasshopper and stumbled onto a neat little trick for matcap rendering that seemed worth sharing. (5.0 MB)


How could we could generate matcap textures without going into github code?

Really all you need is tightly cropped image of a nicely lit sphere so you could render one yourself or even take it from a photo. For example:

  1. Source image

  2. Cropped

  3. Matcap preview


This is how Auxpecker works.

Is this any different ?

Umm … The main difference is that it works for GH while auxpecker not ?

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Here’s python version, if anyone prefers it. (1.5 MB)

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Here’s an updated version, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Making use of one component from Human plugin

image (1.5 MB)

update: (small fix) (1.5 MB)

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I really love it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on Rhino WIP. Is there anything that needs to be changed in the C# script?

Easiest to do matcap material IMO is to just add a Custom Material to the Rhino document and set a matcap texture to the Environment channel at 100%. Then in GH select that material for the Material input of the Custom Preview component.

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Couldn’t get it to work properly with Rhino WIP myself. Probably best to go with @nathanletwory’s suggestion in any case.