Yak not recognising Valid Packages

Hey Discourse,

I have found that yak can be quite picky when it comes to recognising packages;

  1. I have found that yak doesn’t recognise packages I have zipped, or, expanded then re-zipped a package made by yak.
  2. Sometimes Yak won’t recognise packages on one users PC but will on another. Weirder still, it does recognise some in the same filesystem/built the same way.

I understand these might be tricky to diagnose, and they certainly are for me, I was wondering if there is somewhere I can see a nice detailed, verbose log to help me?

– cs

I remember having tons of fun deploying sketchup plugins when they introduced their extension warehouse – spent a lot of time debugging and zipping using certain tools, but not others, since e.g. sketchup’s unzipping would break aliases in frameworks on macos, and such. Not sure if that will help you here, but it could be something to look at (e.g. could try using 7zip on win, zip or ditto on macos, and see if you can find the cause of strange behavior).

Hey @csykes, I just replied to your email! Best bet is to fire over (via email) some of the packages that are causing problems and I’ll see if I can reproduce what you’re seeing and determine the cause.

A verbosity or --debug flag on yak.exe would probably be useful to allow you to investigate these problems yourself. I’ll see what I can do…

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Hey @jdhill, I apprecaite the suggestion, I’ve tried the inbuilt windows one and 7zip but neither seemed to fix it.

Hey @will, thanks! I can’t see it in my inbox, but I’m sure it’ll arrive, maybe it’s sat in the outbox. When it arrives, I’ll forward over what I can :slight_smile:

A --verbose or --debug flag would be absolutely excellent!

Hey @csykes, sorry for the delay. The packages you sent over didn’t throw up any errors at all on my machine :thinking:. I think I’ll have to add something to yak.exe to show the errors that are causing it to skip over some of the packages (YAK-317). Then you can run it on your own machines.

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Thanks @will ,

No worries about the delay, it isn’t the most critical issue right now.
For some reason I get a 404 with the link you sent. Do I need to create a login?
Excited to try out the new release when it drops :grin:

Oops, the link should work now :person_facepalming:

Hey @will , any update on the debugging for YAK? I fixed one of my users but the Product Owners issue persists to this day.

– cs