Yak: No push on food4rhino

On food4rhino, I see the “YAK” column under " “My Apps and Resources”, but the cell is empty. (There’s no “push”.) What can I do about that?

Hi Thomas

Which App are you trying to push?
The first file of your App must be a .rhp, .gha, or .ghpy file in order to see the Push option


Hi Cecile,

Ah - it’s a zip file than contains a *.gha, among other files.
I do it that way to make installing it easier.
I’ll have a look if I can do this differently.


I understand why this work in this way, but it makes the Yak integration on food4rhino substantially less useful, at least for me.

Hi Thomas,

If you place the .gha as the first file and push if to yak, this first file is replace by the link to open Rhino with the package manager and selecting your app there, so it should be in fact easier to install for the customers.

Hi Fran,

I’m not sure what you mean.

My .gha relies on additional packages, which is why I package everything as a .zip for food4rhino.

I also use Yak separately, which works by uploading the whole folder, including the .gha.

But I don’t understand how I can upload the whole folder to food4rhino so that Yak will recognize the .gha without splitting the package into multiple downloads (which would make things more difficulty).

Hi Thomas,
I understand what you need but this is currently not possible en food4Rhino. This feature is in our To do list.
What you can do in the meantime though is uploading your App to Yak with a manifest

And then use the Create App from Yak in food4Rhino in order to create a plugin page on food4Rhino that is directly linked to you package in Yak.
If your plugin page already exists on food4Rhino, let me know the name of your package on Yak and the link of your plugin in food4Rhino and I will add your Yak package into your plugin page.

Thanks, @cecile , I’ll DM you with the link and yak.