Xirus WIP release postponed

Dear Xirus users:

Due to the overwhelming interest in Xirus, we are obliged to postpone the release of the free WIP by several weeks. We need to match our customer-support infrastructure to the demand in order to guarantee fast and efficient communication between the users and our development team.

We are implementing direct communication channels and support such as adding a user-forum to our website, enlarging our internal issue tracking system and developing an automatic client-server service that allows the users to get the Xirus WIP updated with minimum work-flow interference.

We apologize for keeping you waiting, but we believe postponing the Xirus WIP-release is the only way to respond accordingly to the demand. It is our priority to treat every user-request seriously and to provide you with the best possible product and support: the more advanced our support infrastructure is, the faster your testing efforts turn into a final product to suit your needs and accelerate your workflow. We are working day and night to enlarge our infrastructure to provide you with a compelling user experience.

Thank you all for your patience and your interest in our product. You are driving and boosting our development process and we do everything possible to provide you with a novel CAD experience that you have never had before. Meanwhile, check out a list of the currently available 62 Xirus commands provided by the Xirus kernel, including one video per command, commented in English with subtitles under https://mirrakoi.com/xirus-for-rhino/.


—daniel schmitter (Founder Mirrakoi)

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Both those links give 404.

FWIW they’re working here. I’m curious to see the WIP and try it.

Funny: now it/they work/s.