Wrong creation of edge

Hello! When using the tool for creation of edge

there is often one problem. The edge created by the tool is located under already available, he doesn’t delete initial edge, and therefore it turns out here that

the edge is present inside

What to do in that case?

Hi Russlav - I think you are sating that Rhino may create a fillet surface but not trim correctly, is that correct? Can you post an example?


Yes. But the example of edge is above.

Hi Russlav - I see images attached above but no Rhino file.


Untitled.3dm (195.5 KB)

Hi Russlav - use FilletEdge here, not FilletSrf.


And sometimes all tools which smooth edge work incorrectly - what then to do?
Has now noticed one detail if to smooth edge (not this object) by means of FilletEdge at 0.3 - an irregular edge, and at 0.1 - everything is good.