Write points to text file

in the GH file below I have some curves from sections of a boat and i want to write these points to a text file in a especial order. same as picture i want to have 3 parts of x,y and z coordinates of points . each column is for a section . about rows notice that for example first row has first point of each curve and as the same way for the other rows.
thanks in advance!
(the pic is just an example of my intended order)

boat.3dm (32.2 KB) section-mcneel.gh (27.0 KB)

Do you want tabs or spaces in between the columns? A single tab will be somewhat easier than figuring out how many spaces you need to insert in order to line up all the columns, but both are possible.

Check the attachment. TTtoolbox plugin is needed…

section-mcneel_re.gh (45.1 KB)

i want just a single space between each number in rows.

thanks a lot man. how can write this excel in a txt file in this order?
write in GH file ( not copy and paste in text file)

You can save your .xlsx file as text(.csv or .prn) in your excel from File --> Save as

I know it. i want do that automatically in GH file not in excel and have a txt file after running GH file.

in addition I don’t want first row in file. (1 2 3…)

You can stream contents from the panel directly in GH, but the result would be probably not what you expect…

Just unplug this.

tnx anyway. your help is great and useful.

I do it with stream content but it is not what i expected and i maybe it could be in a script that i can not do that.

do you have any solution for this?