Wrap surface on polysurface

I want to press/wrap rectangular part to the surface. How to get it so that the it keeps the same dimensions on surface. Is it impossible because of wrinkles? I think unrolling that result does not work…
I think on top quad points it should give me pretty exact result or…? I tried pull it (blue lines) but it did not give me the correct result I need. Red lines are project.
Flow on surface does not work because it is polysurface…
It does not have to be 100% correct, but pretty close… Maybe I just have to make it manually with lines and points…

Rhino can do next to nothing with polysurfaces. The only way out is converting your polysurface to single surface. Sweep1 and Sweep2 commands can do it. I would use ExtractIsocurve command to make several curves before using these curves in the Sweep2 command. I would use top edges of the polysurface as Sweep2 rails. As soon as the Sweep2 command makes the single surface, the rest is easy. (I would use Squish and SquishBack commands after the Sweep2 command. )

Hi Andrew!
Maybe I’ll try sweep 2 or loft with projected curves, I hope it might give me pretty close result. In real life, it will take some time, because my part is a little bit more complex. This was just random example part.
Thank you for your tip and squish is a new command for me :slight_smile: