WPF: Live Charts Library Implementation

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Have been playing with the Rhino developer sample files, in particular the one implementing WPF (https://github.com/mcneel/rhino-developer-samples/tree/6/rhinocommon/cs/SampleCsWpf) … Have had some success in getting much of the functionality I need. However in terms of displaying data I opted for trying a LiveCharts WPF library implementation (https://lvcharts.net/App/examples/v1/wpf/Doughnut%20Chart) but am starting to realize that it may not be compatible/embeddable in the current implementation of the WPFPanelViewModel, which inherits from a Rhino.UI.ViewModel class. Is the library incompatible? image. For context, when I implement the .xmal and xmal.cs files as shown in the implementation above, it appears correct in the wpf designer window… It also appears fine when I embed that into my main window. It’s just that when I try to debug, I get the error above. Also when I build the solution, my WPF functionality works fine, but the chart doesn’t come through…

In the meantime I may go with a more OOTB chart implementation, but any input on this would be appreciated!

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Hi @marcotjuliani,

Set the project’s debug target to Rhino.exe.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Great thanks for that! I usually have that set up properly… Now Rhino launches when I start debugging… Now the main issue is the implementation of LiveCharts :slight_smile:


@dale any chance you guys still do McNeel developer afternoon sessions? I haven’t seen and announcement for one of those in a while. Would be very keen to bring this up there.

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Did we used to do these @stevebaer?

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