Rhino in a standalone wpf app


I am a C#/WPF developer who is working for a company who is looking to develop a specialized solution for our customers leveraging Rhino and other libraries we have access to. I have been doing some research, and one of the main points of this project is that they really don’t want this to be a Rhino plugin or just a re-skinning of Rhino. They do not feel our customers will react well to that sort of design. As such I’ve been looking for a way to use the Rhino API and display a Rhino visual in a WPF standalone form without starting Rhino.exe.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to ask this, and I tried asking support for confirmation of this functionality, but It was suggested I post here and ask. Is this sort of thing supported, and if so can someone please point me to an example of rhino being used as a control? It’s fine if its a winforms example, I can figure it out from there. I just can’t for the life of me find an example of this sort of thing.

Lucas Roe

What do you mean by a “Rhino visual”? Typically it is not possible to access any Rhino functionality without starting Rhino.exe. The only exception to this is the Rhino3dmIO library, which only does file format reading/writing.

Hi Lucas,

We do not offer a toolkit that lets you to, essentially, build your own Rhino. If you need Rhino (e.g. the geometry, the display, the commands, and the file i/o), then you will need to be running in Rhino as a plug-in.

Does this help?

– Dale

Hello Dale,

That’s exactly the info I needed. I’m sort of glad that I wasn’t just too inept to see it in the SDK :smile:. We aren’t really trying to make our own rhino, just trying to make a package which is parametric with rhino. I guess my next step is trying out rhino’s re-skinning mechanism and seeing if I can make a skin pretty enough for management’s approval. I appreciate the quick and direct response!

Thanks again,