Would OffsetSrf be enough to create the threaded hole for this McNeel screw thread tutorial?

Hi Pascal,

Great, must look into what that command does (it also had kinks=yes and I left that as is not knowing if it made a difference but it worked so guess that was ok)
I created that blunt end cone as per the blunt end and angle on my helixed one, I didnt think Boolean Difference worked except on solids but it did, so something else learned.

What I wonder about is the sharp edges of the thread at tip, should they be filleted ?

Maybe, I think , they are my position of cone, but as the helix thread is a repeating form, I dont think there is a right or wrong position to place it, am I right ?

The McNeel vid had the tutor placing it to suit his swept in thread but I dont have such so I dont think location of cone counts as long as the thread goes out beyond it.

I made a cut with C4 and another with C5, two cones 0.05inch different on x, layers for each in the layer palette. No obvious difference.

So, if the sharp edges are unavoidable, should they be filleted ?

making a TRUE shape with true profiles has been very rewarding.
Now to follow the table that says thread height female thread.1067 but wait…thats what the male thread is , so not sure on that !

Whitworth 1.5inch.3dm (7.4 MB)