Would love to be able to use any surface or polysurface as a clipping plane

that is all

You can use a lot of objects for Boolean subtractions and splits, as long as they at least bisect your object. I often split objects with a polysurface’s surfaces.

for now you can use this, it works very well for most cases:



That is of course better than using of the simple clipping planes, however doesn’t have a functionality as asked by Wynott.
I would like generally to understand if it is possible and how big should be the effort if I would need to use surface or polysurface object for clipping purposes. Here I am talking about curved surface of degree 2 and above. Same goes for polysurfaces. Is it difficult to implement?


I would guess yes - I think this is not something that is likely to happen soon.


This would obviously be used for generating cutaways like this:

Thanks, Pascal - fair enough.
Maybe smth will come in Rhino 7 :smiley:

Ryan, that is a perfect example!