World Axis


i would just like to know if it is possible at all to change the position of the world axis icon. for example rotating it so that your z axis is facing the other way instead of having to rotate your 3d model?

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You could put your model on a different Construction Plane (use the CPlane command) in the Perspective view.


my reason for wanting to do this is that in rhinocam i create my toolpath and simulate it in the stock using a 3 axis parallel finishing. now i want to be able to basically flip the axis and create a toolpath from the bottom of the piece and simulate that without messing with the box stock so that i can see both sides of the box stock cut. will putting my model on a different construction plane achieve this?

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I’m sorry, I don’t know Rhinocam.


ok thanks anyways. il give your suggestion a try and see what happens


unfortunately changing the construction plane is not working for what im trying to accomplish. if anyone by anychance does know how to change the position or orientation of the world axis please help :slight_smile: perhaps theres a way to sort of set the bottom plane veiw to be the top plane veiw ect.?


You can do this in RhinoCAM. There are several ways to do this, the way I use is as follows:

First in the Perspective viewport, set a new CPlane that corresponds to the one that you will be using for the next set of operations. Make sure the view is active. Then, in the RC machining operations browser, under “Setup”, click the CSYS Setup button, then in the dialog that appears, click the option “Active Construction Plane”. That will put a new setup section in your Mops browser, everything below that will use the new coordinate system. If you simulate all, you should see it machine from both sides.

HTH, --Mitch


thanks alot for the help helve. much appreciated!