Construction Plane Transform


I changed the ConstructionPlane in a Viewport to some Plane other than WorldXY. When I transform a geometry in this viewport, the Transformation matrix I get is not with respect to the new CPlane but WorldXYZ. I hope this does not sound stupid;
Is there a way I could modify the transformation so it is about the CPlane?
I attached a video for reference.

I am storing the transformations to apply later w.r.t. WorldXY. So the transformation I made in the video is applied as a translation in the Z-axis which is not what I want.

Hi @bovasbenjacob,

Rhino geometry is always oriented about the world XY plane, which is why you are seeing the transformation in this way.

To transform something form one coordinate system to another, from the world XY plane to a construction plane for example, create a transform object using Transform.ChangeBasis .

– Dale