Seting a model to the Top Cplane or Change world axis orientation?

I have a model that was originally crated in Solid works. The problem is the axis is wrong. If I look at the part in the top view, I am looking at the side of the model. I am using Madcam so I need the parts to be oriented to this top view where X axis is left to right, Y is up and down and Z is coming out of the screen.

The orientation of the model that I need is what is in the right view port of Rhino. However Madcam will not accept the right view CPlane. Apparently it defaults or is restricted to the CPlane in the top view port only. I think?

My question is how do I get the part orientated to the top CPlane?

I tried to opening the file and “exporting with origins” selected 0,0,0 as the origin, When I open the exported file the model was indeed facing up (Top set to the current Cplane). However in trying to create box around the model in Madcam and the box is in the middle of the model. On a different plane I would imagine, Help !

The easiest thing to do is select all and do a 90 rotate in the Right viewport around 0… Otherwise you can use the RemapCPlane command and remap the model from Front to Top.

There is an option in Solidworks import to automatically rotate the model on import, check the import options dialog once you have started the Import command and selected the file.

HTH, --Mitch

Hi Mitch, Thank you so much for your help, I have found that both what I tried (exporting w/origins) and what you had suggested rotating 90 degrees both work in that the top is then up in Rhino. Which is what I want. However interestingly enough Madcam still places the box around the middle of the model like a hoolahoop ;-). Perhaps this is a Madcam issue.