World axis icon does not align with grid

For some unknown reason the world axis icon in the perspective viewport has gotten out of alignment with the grid. In other words, the x and y axes are not parallel to the grid. The sequence that led to this problem is as follows: I created a new construction plane that was not planar to either the x, y, or z axes. After I worked on that construction plane, I tried to return to the world coordinate system, and that is when this problem occurred. I have tried to reset the construction plane to normal without success. I am thinking about restoring the factory default settings, but this seems a bit risky. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Have you tried setting the 4 viewport default 2 times?—-Mark

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Guessing your using V8?—-Mark

Thank you for your very speedy reply. Yes, I am using V8 on a 90 day trial. I did try to reset the 4 viewport default two times. The icon is still a little off. I actually can’t remember if it was right on before or if I just noticed that it was slightly off. Perhaps this is the way it always is, but in such a sophisticated program it seems to me that the lines on the icon should perfectly match the grid lines. I have been drawing in 2D CAD for many years so the red, green, and blue axis lines are really enough for me. I don’t really need the icon, but it would be nice to have it functioning properly. I went ahead and reset the factory defaults, and the icon is still a bit off which leads me to believe that it always is. Your thoughts? Thank you.

Just watched a training video from McNeel. The axis icon in the perspective viewport does not perfectly align with the grid lines as the view moves around. It seems that my problem is not really a problem after all. But I sure do wish that icon and grid lines aligned.

Since you are working in a Perspective View the small icon in the lower left corner of the Viewport would never be “perfectly aligned with the grid”. That would really only be possible in a Parallel View aka Isometric View or Ortho View.

turn auto cplane off-

then set cplane to world top-


You are talking about this guy?

That is not designed to align to the grid, it is a screenspace object that is placed relative to the viewport edges. As you move the view around the relation to the grid will change. It shows you the alignment of the coordinate system relative to your view.

If it is the main XY axes you are talking about (red and green in the image) then post a screenshot of what you are seeing.

Thank you for your helpful input and advice.

Yes, you are correct. I was talking about the ucs icon, not the red and green axis lines. The latter do line up with the grid. Thank you for clearing this up for me. I appreciate your input.

Thank you for helping to clear this up for me.