World axes visability

Hi all,

For a project I’m using a layout view with multiple detail views.

For each detail view I’d like the world axes to be visible when I print the page. Is there a way of making the world axes visible even if the view is not selected?



Hi Ollie - it looks like not - I don’t think I’ve heard this request before… It may be possible in a script to make some lines and text that you can place when you’re ready to print - I’ll have a try at that.


Thanks for the reply Pascal!

Any progress with this?

I was thinking about trying to script a display conduit to do this, is this the approach you would recommend?

Gave it a go, but its a bit beyond me!!

Hi Ollie - I can get something working for non-perspective projection views - if that seems useful I’ll pursue it -let me know… I do not know how easy it is to do for perspective projections.


Hi Pascal,

Yes, unfortunately this is needed for a perspective view!

Guess this is more difficult than I was expecting :confused:

Had thought it may not be that bad as its something that is happening already when you make a view port active?