Rhino 6 Worksessions


I’m just starting to work with R6 and also using Worksessions. I’ve noticed it seems slower to load than in R5. But my main concern is the fact that it doesn’t seem to prompt to save the worksession on exit. I get asked to save the Rhino file as normal, and then it just closed everything without asking to save the .rws file. I have definitely changed the worksession state.

Is this a bug, missed setting or something else?

Many thanks,

Hi Jon - this much, at least, looks buggy to me, thanks for the report.


No problem Pascal! :slight_smile:

Hi Pascal. I’ve noticed a couple of other things with worksessions.

Rhino 6 crashes sometimes when swapping the active document. I’m currently using files that are 100 - 200mb each, saved as R6. It did seem to work smoother in R5, but i understand 6 is still new. :slight_smile:

When swapping the active document it doesn’t ask to save the worksession. I’m guessing this is related to my first post?

Also, when swapping the active document and going File - Worksession - Save, it brings up the dialogue box as if the worksession is being saved for the first time instead of just saving the rws file. The rws file had already been saved before this. If the current active document doesn’t change it will just save as you’d expect.


Hi Jon - thanks, I’ll add these save bugs to the heap; I don’t know about the crashing - are you getting the crash report form to fill out? If so please do send that in, and check the ‘Send model’ box - those reports can help a lot in tracking this stuff down.



Thanks Pascal.

I sent a crash report but didn’t want to attach the model due to work reasons.
Will continue to monitor it :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same issues:
When I swap a second time (eg: making active a referenced document, working on it and going back to the master).
So far, I can save the work, but curiously, when I want to save the rws, a prompt dialog ask to “save as” . Rhino seems to have lost the link with the original rws file. Immediatelly after that, Rhino crashes and no backup report is produced.

Recently updated to SR13 and not getting save rws prompt on rhino exit