Worksession Questions

A client of RhinoCentre is an innovative shipyard in NL.
As they use only Rhino and Acad for the whole engineering process, they run into several issues with very large Rhino projects and files.

In order to make a digital twin of the vessel, they split it up into several Rhino files and use worksession:

  • Hull
  • Superstructure
  • Structure
  • Deck Layout
  • Interior
  • etc.

For drawings, they then use a separate Rhino file and attach the 3D geometry files to it.
This way they store drawings in a separate environment to be able to trace them back more easily.
A problem they have, is that HideInDetail of objects is forgotten by Rhino after reopening a Worksession.
Is this issue addresses by McNeel?

Another valid question they have, is whether it will be possible in the future to work together in one Rhino file when it is stored on their local server.

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Hoi Gerard -

That is to say, we have it on the list - RH-37146 WorkSessions: Save Visibility per Detail

Where Keynes would say that, in the long run, we’re all dead, I suppose that “in the future” anything is possible. This has been discussed, yes…

Thank you Wim,
Already in 2008, at the visit of @bobmcneel and @stevebaer at Royal Huisman Shipyard, @tobias and I, showed an integral way of working with Rhino in larger organizations with detailed 3D files in worksessions.
Also the necessity of 2D presentations with layouts was showed back then.
For example, Rhino 4 32 bit was too limited then. But also using multiple clipping planes in a layout was only possible then with the ‘Section Tools’ plugin of @rajaa
Anyway, Keynes is dead so maybe it is time to focus on multiple users in one file then?
I am curious about the outcome of the discussion.
Is it even possible technically?

From the AEC Tech Hackathon in New York earlier this month: