Using Worksessions in Rhino

Hello. We are working on the development of plug-in for Rhino, and ask this question, how often people use worksessions in Rhino? Does it make sense to lead the development towards worksessions or users have enough parts without the use of conventional worksessions?

Hi Andri

I think your question is too general. Depending in the type of project I do or do not use worksessions.
When working on a piece of furniture, jewelry or other typical “single object” projects there is no need for worksessions.
However, when I have a architectural project, a project with an assembly of existing parts or otherwise a project that consists of multiple (complex) autonomous structures I do work with worksessions.

I guess the question to ask would be more about if the functionality of your plugin would be needed in a worksession environment or not.

So what does the plugin do? Does it operate more on a object/geometry level, or on a scene/document level?


We operate at the document level. Well, the question arose whether to delve into worksession, and how they are generally common in using at work in Rhino

In architecture definately yes. and the current worksession/references is very poor for architectural purpose.

Please tell us what the shortcomings are. We need to fix this.


to start with, below are some functions to be considered.

  • I know the worksession allows you to save the worksession and load
    when needed(neat solution). I also think you should be able or have
    the option to allow the references to remain in the file (No need to
    reload the references)
  • Clip references by element (rectangle, circle, polygon etc)
  • Mask references (rectangle, circle, polygon etc)
  • Level overrides change colours print with etc.
  • Apply overlay colour transparencies.
  • Be able to move, rotate, mirror, scale references.
  • Have an option to merge the references.
  • The current set active command allows you to exchange in the
    reference. We should be able to activate the reference (without going
    to the actual reference, thus no need reloading all references. It
    will also allow to quickly edit the reference.)

hope to see these function implemented

thank you


If you have not looked at using linked blocks, you might take a look at that functionality. It might solve some of the problems. In the meantime, I’ll add these to the wish list.

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