Working with Meshes: Boolean Operations

Hi I have imported a complicated stl mesh that I was thinking about converting to a Nurbs solid so that I could do a boolean divison on it, but im not sure thats the best way to go. I was wondering if there was another way to subtract from mesh without having to do this or a way that takes less time and puts less load on my memory resources.

Hello - there are MeshBoolean operations availble in Rhino, (MeshBooleanUnion etc) but these are not Rhino’s strongest tools… Still, try and see how that goes. It will help if the meshes involved pass the Check command as a ‘Good mesh’


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Thank you. I tried Meshboolean tools and it seems to work fine. Im going to check on the good mesh thing this weekend, but as far as im concerned this has been answered. Thank you very much for pointing out my options.