[Solved] Am I missing something with data matching using GhPython?


I’ve found something that disturbs me about how ghPython deal with data matching. I’m just creating a dictionary using some plain list inputs in the component (no loops, no recursion, no anything complex) and the ghPython component is surprisingly returning a grafted data tree o.O…

Is anyone able to figure out why is this happening? I know that the solution is very simple, but this is not the behaviour that I was expecting with such an inputs.

Sidenote: if you replace the code with “i=core+turn” the output is a simple gh-list.

Ok, I need some coffee. I’ve spotted the problem. Because I’m adding every component iteration to a list variable “[]” the system is keeping every list in a separate Path. If I change the inputs to “List Access” and I create the list appending by myself every dictionary to a single list (f.i.: i=[]) the problem is solved.

Sorry for the stupid post :stuck_out_tongue:

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