Working at Origin point

I am really new to grasshopper. Below you’ll see a script where I am using GEOJSON and the problem I am having is that it has placed my geometry in another coordinate other than 0,0 … so any time I import a mesh, that mesh is at 0,0 and I can’t find it to place within my model.

How do I work back at coordinate 0,0

Here’s a little cluster that will move geometry from the centroid of its bounding box to the origin. (8.1 KB)

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thanks for the reply … where would I even connect it to? The Brep and the Curve?

Well, it would be a great help if you uploaded your file with the data internalized - I answered your question as best I could with no data. I have the Bounding Box in the cluster set to Union Box, so it should try to envelope everything input into one box. Did you try plugging everything, Breps and curves into the cluster? It should work, as is.

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WOW it worked … thank you very much!