Workaround for missing OrientObjects in Python


Any suggestion for a rhinoscriptsyntax.OrientObjects() workaround as the multi-object command is not yet implemented in python? I understand I can brute force the command Orient3Pt but the user will have to move through the point selection blindly and those selections are quite systematic. Any thoughts on pre-populating points in the reference and target selections or leveraging the singular OrientObject? It’s my understanding I can’t do a…
rs.Command("_Orient3Pt"+objs+" _Enter"+pt1+" _Enter"… etc.) due to point definition.

I am hoping to move a 2d cut plane consisting of hundreds of curves from an arbitrary 3d space to a y-z plane at a defined x-location.

Unfortunately, I cannot share much code. Please let me know if you need any clarification.


Hi @david.m.jones11,

Can you just call rhinoscriptsyntax.OrientObject multiple times?

– Dale

I ended up running it in a large loop. My apologies for the delayed notification.