WISHLIST: Gumball Precision Mode

Well, pretty much what it says. I am doing some fairing and smoothing of curves and on a small screen the gumball is way to coarse. I dream of an addition to the command in which, like nudge, holding down a key turns the gumball into a more precise mode… I like the strength setting, but just like nudge sometimes you need big movement, sometimes small. Nudge works great with the shift and control keys as you can switch between modes fast, without even thinking. my 2 cents :slight_smile:

HI Tom - for now, making macros of GumballDragStrength and adding some buttons or aliases might be a quick way out.


I like this idea a lot, too.

FYI, V6 will have a global DragStrength slider that you can just leave open and adjust to taste.


Hi Pascal - I like the idea writing a macro with aliases that lets me toggle the strength directly from the keyboard. Next time I have a few minutes I’ll give that a shot. Thanks

And YEAH! for V6!

This is good, but maybe some extended discussion is in order about whether keyboard nudge type speed selectors or a slider is the way to go. Or both. There’s something to be said for using the shift and control keys for gumball sensitivity in an exact analogy to their nudge use.

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