Cplane/Word Differences

Good morning, can someone advise me what the Cplane/Word option serves? Is located at the bottom left of the window.
From what I could read it serves to tell rhino what plane we’re working on, but when assigning for example a point by coordinates I do not find differences between these 2 options. Thank you!


Hello - that tells you whether the coordinates reported to the right areWorld or local CPlane coordinate.


Hi Pascal thank you for answering. Ah ok, let’s say you don’t have a practical function when it comes to creating objects? Is it just to know where the coordinate is either with respect to the Cplane or Word?

The reported coordinates are the location of the cursor, either in World coordinates or the active viewport Cplane coordinates. You can toggle between the coordinate systems by clicking on the World/Cplane box.

When entering coordinates Rhino always assumes the numbers are active viewport Cplane coordnates unless the a W is put in front of the number. For example 5,3,2 is interpreted as Cplane coordinates while w5,3,2 is interpreted as World coordinates.

If you have not done so it can be useful to take some time to go through the User’s Guide which includes a tutorial.
Also worth reviewing are the Level 1 and Level 2 Manuals.


I was doing Level 1 but I didn’t see it about this particular option. Thanks a lot!