WISH: User Objects -> Publish to Package Manager

So, are we finally be able to publish Userobjects in the cloud?

The “To package manager” item in the right-click menu isn’t a built-in feature of Grasshopper – it must be provided by a plug-in that you have installed.

Grasshopper will load user-objects that it finds when traversing the package install directories. This isn’t new.

I just photoshopped my wish…

Ah, I misunderstood! It’s an interesting idea but not something we’ve considered adding yet. I’ve added this to the wish list (see RH-67821).

Hi @will

Thanks for taking this into consideration.
What happens usually is that many people might have a computer at work and another at home. So if let’s say, you have a job but you also work on personal project you might want to have the same version of user objects on both computers.

And I can tell you, that in one year you might gather around 20 user objects. So the synchronization between computers becomes a pain.

This problem can be solved in 2 ways:

  1. Publish to some McNeel affiliated Cloud
  2. Update Grasshopper to pick UserObjects from a custom folder, like dropbox. (with relative path) so when they get saved in a Could Folder that folder updates everywhere.

The idea behind this is to enable teams to develop and exchange Userobjects that are constantly improving while used and tested by several people.

So having them synchronized in the cloud is crucial.
Thanks again.

@Bogdan_Chipara Grasshopper doesn’t seem to identify user objects from custom location set in the gh_developer settings. Is there a workaround for this ?

Hi @Pranay_Motta

Honestly I was not even aware of the Grasshopper Developer Settings. If I add a folder and I click on Valid Folders button, I see that my custom folder disappears. So, you re right, it doesnt seem to work.

I ve made suggestions for custom folders for GH and Python scripts as a solution for Cloud Syncronization of user made tools.

Also publishing to Yac could be an option.

Main reason to make those tools available on multiple computers, distribute them to work colleagues etc.
So far there’s no workaround.