Updating user objects

at the risk of receiving the double facepalm, a question about user objects:

I use many clusters to automate repetitive tasks, that I save as user objects but many times I cannot foresee some bug when inserted in more complex definitions and I have to twick a thing or two inside them.

The problem is that every time I change an existing user object, I have to go to user object’s folder, erase the old one and then save the new one, otherwise gh saves it as a different file by adding a number.

Am I doing something wrong? and if not, could you pls add the option to overwrite existing user objects?

Ok, for anyone having the same question:
You can erase a user object if you right click its icon in the user tab and select “delete user object”
This removes it from the ‘user objects’ file and you can resave the edited version.
(still it would be better to just be able to overwrite -or just update- it!)

delete user object


I have the same question, have you learned anything new about this?

I was imagining a scenario in which you can “compile” a user object from a gh file, some text corresponding to the properties, and an image file. If you can do that manually outside of grasshopper, then presumably you can write a script to automate updates?

Hmm, I have missed this one. That is a good suggestion.

@DavidRutten, is it possible that we are able to update user objects? It looks handy.

I took a look around and found posts like these: https://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/injecting-custom-data-into-a-gh-file
And I noticed you can open and inspect a ghuser file in grasshopper using the viewer if you change the extension to .gh.
It seems like there may be a (very convoluted) way of editing some info in a ghuser file, but the path forward seems very hacky and I’m not sure how you would change the image.