[Wish] Load external ghuser files by ghlink

Hi All,

As far as I know, ghuser files won’t be loaded from outside of “%appdata%\Grasshopper\UserObjects”.
Is it possible to do it like gha file linked by ghlink?


It looks like in Grasshopper accepts more than one folder for loading userobjects from Grasshopper.Folders.UserObjectFolders.

How can we add anew folder to the current folder list before loading an instance of the Grasshopper? It’s currently the default UserObjects folder and one random folder which is added by Weaverbird plugin. I’m not sure how/when the second one has been added.

This might potentially work (haven’t tested), but this is how Ironbug loads openstudio.dll. This is executed when GH is loading.

Never mind, adding userObjectFolders under PriorityLoad() doesn’t work.