Wish: Update Mirror plane with Move History

Now that moving a parent and child object together doesn’t break Rhino History, I keep finding that I run into unexpected/non-optimal behavior when I move objects that have other (non-move) relationships.

Here is an example. With Record History & Update Children turned on, I mirror an object across the Y-axis.

Until recently, if I selected both objects and move them simultaneously, they would move together and the mirror History would break.

Now, with the updates to History in Rhino 7, when I move both objects together I get this result. This is the same result as if I only move the Parent object.

Would it be possible to make the Mirror Plane move whenever the parent and all the children are moved together?

That would retain the “local” symmetry in the objects so that they continue to update with history using the new mirror plane.

This way, both results are possible. Move only the parent if you want the mirror plane to stay stationary. Move the parent and children together and you also move the mirror plane. I could also see this applying to rotational relationships like Polar Array.

we do not have local symmetry yet, but that is a great idea.

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