No more history break when moving parent & child together - thanks for fixing this!

In 7.8.21196, you fixed

  • Moving parent and child together keeps connection between them (RH-19248)

That was a nasty restriction… now some nice new workflows are possible. Thanks!!

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Yes, that reminds me, I do not think this works for other transforms but preumably could and should… I’ll check that.


Checked, too. Rotating and scaling breaks it, still. Hmmm.

Something else:
When moving a Detail view with some annotation associated to it in the Layout, the History still breaks, too.
Any plans to fix that, including rotation & scale?
Thank you!

Looks like even rotate

Checked again - even when rotating or scaling parent/child together, the history does not break!
However, ‘Lock Children’ has to be activated. Strangely, this is not necessary when translating, only for rotating and scaling.
Anyway - cool to see this limitation is finally gone!