Wish: TweenCurves Change/Drag Seam

would it be possible to change the Seam during the command like in sweep? right now there are two points which are connected indicating the seam, clicking on them does strange things i am not sure whats its meant for.

like so

so i have to cancel the command use CrvSeam to adjust them and start TweenCurves again.

how it should look like

try this on a macro, or alias-

! Crvseam MultiPause TweenCurves SelPrev

that will run the crv seam command before the tween curves and I believe get you what you want-

Pascal and I talked about this yesterday and he wrote this up for adjustment in the tool itself, so ideally we get this fixed and working this way by default.

thanks for pointing htis out, hope the script helps until we get a real fix-