Loft: move seam points

Loft command: why can not you move/edit seam points during the command? You can only change their direction.
I think junction point modification should be allowed within the command before it is completed. Add this option …

Tip, if I can afford it: should be given Rhino commands more freedom and better interactivity (preview included for all commands).

no reply? :frowning:

Could you add?

A reply, please ;-(

Hello davide76,

at creation you can for closed curves, but not for open ones. Yes, you are right, good wish. BTW, perhaps _SrfSeam helps you.



I do not understand why it is not possible to move seam points (can only be done in the first step of the command). It would be useful to move them freely to define the desired shape.
We hope someone can accommodate my simple request

Yes, this is the same as the earlier request for Sweep2, noted…



you should move seams after the first right click