WISH:trim with solid option

Basically a wirecut but Trim interface is much faster.

Yeah - we’ve discussed this… I don’t know what the prospects are for V6 though.



Is there way to set X,Y,Z direction according to cplane in wirecut?
That might be enough if it doesn’t go in V6

Hi Pascal

I read here

that you’re thinking to simply make Trim build a solid when the object being trimmed is solid.

IMO it’s not a good idea.
I trim solids regularly to edit them, often simply to change some fillet radii.
Currently that is easy: you only have to build the new fillet, use it to trim the solid (leaving a hole into it that turns it into an open polysurf) and then join.

Often simply trimming by the new fillet surface does not work, but trimming by its border does work, so I use a curve (the surface border) to trim the solid

I think that if Trim automatically created a solid, this workflow would become more long and complex (we would have to somehow open the solid, edit it and finally re-close the polysurf into a solid … )

This is just an example of a solid trimmed by a curve that has not to remain solid.
Probably there other cases …

I just thought to let you know


Hi Emilio- thanks. As I see it, and I could well be wrong , trimming in your example using the border curve of the larger fillet would not be a case where the result could easily/automatically be made solid. I realize that is a simplified case, but in that example, an arc - say the top edge of your new fillet surface, used to trim the box would create a solid since the trim operation could basically extrude the surface through as Wirecut does, whereas with the border curve it could not take that approach. My hesitation in taking this approach is, so far, is more that there could be a large number of ‘iffy’ cases where seemingly the same situation would produce different results - sometimes open, sometimes not.


Thanks for replying, and …you’re right, the example was over-simplified. :wink:

Not sure I understand your words correctly … sorry. :blush:
Are you talking of always keeping a solid … solid when trimmed ?
( What about trimming a solid by a surface ? )

And … could that behaviour (Wirecut-like trimming) be merged into BooleanDifference instead of Trim ? ( just thinking out load … )

I understand that you don’t like the idea of a new command.
What I don’t like is that we might loose some of the ‘legendary’ Rhino’s flexibility forcing commands to became more fixed, rigid … Anyway that’s only my opinion. :slight_smile:


I hear you - at this point there is no immediate danger of this being implemented, but of course we’ll be looking for feedback if that happens… That bug track item is the current state of thinking out loud about what might work, nothing is even remotely finalized!