Autocap Trimmed Polysurfaces

Has anyone seen or heard of a plugin that functions to auto-cap a trimmed polysurface after the trim function is complete versus splitting the cutting tool and rejoining the result to the trimmed geo?

Would love to skip this step if possible. Seems like a logical extension of the workflow and would save a ton of time.

…like “use trim plane for cap” as an extension of the trim command itself maybe.

Thanks for any input.

Hello- it depends on the context, but WireCut or Booolean operations may help in some cases. Post an example if you like.


Thanks pascal. I hadn’t heard of “WireCut” before. I’ll experiment with this and come back with questions. I was hoping to avoid boolean operands if possible.

This is promising!

Ok, Wirecut is spot on for planar cuts for sure. I think booleans are going to have to be the solution for non-planar trims for sure…or just do what I was doing before. Is there a non-planar version of wirecut that does the same?

no… but it may be that selecting both inputs as both trimmers/cutters and victims in the Trim command will be a pretty quick workflow.


Thanks for your time Pascal!