Wish: Total Editing time

Sometimes I would like to know how long I worked on a project.

For example a similar feature is embedded in the AutoCAD *.dwg files. You can access some statistics from the propriety of the file.

Unless your work is very, kinda, assembly-line-like, (like at an old job of mine,) are such automatic statistics actually terribly useful? Just because I’m not actively doing something in a file doesn’t mean I’m not working on something to do with that project, and just because I have a file open doesn’t mean I’m actually working on it either.

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Sorry, I meant “Sometimes I would like to know how long I worked on a file.”

And yes: is not definitely not terribly useful! :smile: Just nice to have.
Something like a log would be more usefull, but I guess would make the file cumbersome.

Agree again.

Sometimes I would like to have a rough idea of how long I (or my collaborators) worked to do a file.
Was just an idea.

Here are a few links:

In the past, people were referred to Thomas’ Project Timer. That was written in 2007 but might still work for you. See these:

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There is a handy grasshopper component that does this in the Peacock plug-in, but it’s pretty simple and straight forward… A one second timer, a data recorded and a list length component in grasshopper can be used to create a time tracker. I understand your idea was to have this in rhino and not grasshopper, but maybe it’s helpful.

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