Rhino usage statistics - time spent on editing file

Hello. I was wondering if there is (or could) be some statistics of how long was Rhino file active. For example, if I work on certain file (commands, mouse editing, grasshopper ect…), some counter gives me feedback over hours spent on the file. It should stop automatically once Rhino window is not active or after certain time of inactivity. I know that there are informations about date of creation and last save, but that’s not what I need. Thanks.

@PetrVacek Here’s a Discourse search for 'project timer’ that may help you find something:


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@jodyc111 Bad link==404 Not Found :slightly_frowning_face:
@PetrVacek try this: http://www.rayflectar.com/p04-Programming/programming.html
scroll down to ‘Project timers’

Thanks for useful suggestions. I will try this for future projects.
Is there any chance that I can get this data retrospectively?