Time Command in Rhino ? Please Help

Hello everybody.

Does anybody know if Rhino has something like the “time” command in Autocad to find out how long you’ve been working on a drawing?

My Boss wants to know how long I’ve worked for a project. Is there a tool that will record how long models were opened ?



I’ve wanted this for a while. I hope its on the wish list pile somewhere.

There is a plugin for this around somewhere.

Where did the scripter wiki go, the one with personal pages?

Maybe here?

Also here (look under “people”)


I would like this option/functionality.

Peter Harris has some timer stuff in his scripts I think:



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I use Thomas Anagnoustou’s excellent ‘Project Timer’. Here is a link, second one down. Thanks Tom!


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Sounds very useful! I’m going to try it out. It’s nice that it also works for other software.

Peter’s tools are great! The project timer function is still not what some of us are looking for though. I really just want something even simpler, w/o having to invoke/type anything. Like the original post, something that is just part of the file properties in Rhino that tells us how long that instance has been in focus (this is critical, as it would be useless if it was tracking the amount of time the instance is open and in the background not being worked on.)