Wish: swap UV and normal by _dir for meshes


some times I run in the situation that I like to change the UV of meshes. It could be nice, if the _dir command could be used for meshes too. It would be ok for me, if there are no arrows signs for U and V, but only for the normal. Also without visual feedback by arrows signs it could do the job.

I think, an additional basic mesh support wouldn’t destroy old workflows and could be a little helper for meshes.

@BrianJ What do you think?


I’d need to see an example mesh with a textured material applied and know how you are hoping to change the direction of the material. I can file it for the developers to look at after that. In my opinion though, a mesh needs a UV map created in order to edit it. Perhaps you can use a primitive mapping method or WCS/OCS and then edit the mapping.

Here an example - my goal was to see the numbers not mirrored. There is no way to mirror a texture. This is the feature I was looking for and hoped to get per _dir. Mirror and SwapUV are not supported by the current mapping tools.

Mesh-UV.3dm (318.5 KB)

Use the UVW rotation values in Properties > Texture Mapping for that…

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Oh, that’s a simple solution. All the last years I have overseen this option. :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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