How to change U V direction?

I want to change the U and V direction. i only can find to change the NORMAL direction of a surface or to flipp it , but not the UV. anyone an idea?


Run the “Dir” command.


I was just prepared to post a variation of the question above.

I was wondering how to change the uv directions to get all possible combinations according to the picture. I am trying to do this in python in grasshopper.

Is the normal independent of the uv directions?

Changing the u,v directions will not affect your surface normal in 3d modeling space.

I still need to swap the uv’s as illustrated. If it is possible. Even if the normal is independent.

Try this:

surface.Transpose() will swap values of u and v.
To change the direction of either u, or v: get the domain of one of these (uvStart, uvEnd = surface.Domain(0 or 1)), then create a new domain but with reversed negative values of previous one (-uvEnd, -uvStart). Then reverse the domain in that direction (surface.Reverse(0 or 1)).
By this logic, you can achieve all upper combinations.
Check the attached files. (19.2 KB)
uv.3dm (74.8 KB)


Thanks for saving the day again. :smile:

thx for this advice…i tried it but ists sadly not solving my problem

Hi alxwu,
The upper grasshopper component works with no problem.
Could you attach your surface please?

It’s a nice command, but the fact that it doesn’t contain “UV” in the name forces me to Google this answer every few years when I need it… :laughing:

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