Wish: Snap to hatch points and outlines

It would be useful if snaps would work on hatch points and outlines, like they work on a regular polyline.
Right now they only work on points if they are turned on.

Hi Bogdan - would this be a nuisance a lot of the time if you were trying to snap to curves in the same area? Filter and testSnapToFiltered might be able to help I guess - I’m just thinking there might be a lot of extra snapping that you’d not want most of the time. At any rate, if this is an occasional need DupBorder on the hatch will get you a curve to snap to.


“would this be a nuisance a lot of the time if you were trying to snap to curves in the same area” - Because i have to manipulate and snap to hatches all the time, i actually make groups with the hatch and the curve that i used to make the hatch. so i always have curves and hatches in the same areas all the time and there’s no inconvenience at all.

I tried to check testSnapToFiltered enabled. Nothing happens. Still can’t snap on hatches.

DupBorder could work but this is not something occasional.

Hi Bogdan - OK, thanks for the followup… my testSnapToFiltered comment was in the event that snapping to hatches would be enabled but you wanted to restrict snapping to curves - all hypothetical… In any case I understand that you’d need this more generally, the best I can do is put it on the wishlist. My guess of the moment is that this is likely perfectly possible but unlikely for V6.



Seems to me like a useful thing, at least like some extra option. Just postpone the release an year or two to make it possible :smiley:

Hi Bogdan - snapping does work on hatch boundaries now in V6/Beta…


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