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I would like to ask if it would be possible to snap to the corners of a hatch. I use hatches very frequently and I have to draw unnecessary geometry such as curves/surfaces/meshes in order to have the ability to move them around with precision.


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Hi Miguel- do you mean to snap to the edges of a hatch or the shapes on the interior of the hatch pattern? If the former, you can DupBorder to get the exterior bounding curve- does that help, for now?


You can turn on control points for hatches. If you have a hatch with corners, your points should be there and you can use Point Osnap. Does it work for you?

Hi @pascal,

thanks for the quick reply. I want to snap to the edges of the hatch. What I’m doing now is what you just explained. I duplicate the border in order to snap to it. I was just asking if this could be implemented in a future update. I would find this very helpful.


+1 !!!

A nice function to have would be ‘snap to hatch’.
So hatches can be snapped to without exploding them…

Not the outline of a hatch, but the actual lines inside a hatch.

There are no “actual lines” inside a hatch, unless you explode it. --Mitch

Thanks @Helvetosaur That’s why I requested it as a wish for new functionality.


i would also like to add my name under this wish

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i totally agree

additional hatch features i really would like to see

  • assoziative (changing to polyline, also when new knots are added)
  • trimable hatch


In theory, hatches are associative if you have history on. As long as you don’t do any drastic editing that changes the object ID (like exploding the curve), it should stay associated. Point editing and adding knots should be OK. With a boundary hatch composed of multiple curves it is sometimes a bit delicate to edit without killing the history…


Hi zunder - I monkeyed a little with the idea of trimming hatches a while ago - you can try this very imperfect but possibly useful Python. With this hack splitting might actually make more sense workflow wise but trimming is where I left it. Looks like I made a plug-in from it for who ever asked for the script, I’ll include that as well - drag and drop the rhp file onto Rhino to add


TrimHatch.py (2.4 KB)
TrimHatch.rhp (13.5 KB)


thanxs,!!! i gonna try it