Wish: Shrink-Wrap for NURBS surfaces (NURBS result)

Hi McNeel Team,

Any chance to have such a magic tool in the future?
Which will fill all naked edges with correct matching within desired tolerance.

I know many users have such painful routine, fixing disjoined edges in a model.
Mostly my duties are making offsets of polysurf’s surfaces with Loose option and fixing their mismatched edges. The reason I make it loose and not offsetting polysurf at once - too high isoparam density of the results. Using FitSrf or Rebuid makes edges disjoined as well.
So it’s just like FitSrf, Untrim, Shrink To Edge, MatchSrf and so on. Multiple times.
Instead of creation itself I spend too much time for fixing.

I believe such Shrink-Wrap command would be a huge asset to all of us.
(I already know the answer - that’s impossible for NURBS, right? :sob:)

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the only path for now is shrinkwrap, quadremesh, to subd, to nurbs.

as shown in this video-


Hi @theoutside ,

Well, if this is the very beginning of a path to easier modeling, I understand that.
Unfortunately, I’m not happy with ToNURBS result density. I wouldn’t name it a clean model. (Despite it’s accepted for next stages, such as STL export)


Any chance to have something from Grasshopper?

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Hi @Screamer,


ShrinkWrap is available in Grasshopper in Rhino 8.

– Dale

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Such a particular magic tool would need to refrain from letting ‘micro’ or ‘sliver-like’ geometry from manifesting. If that’s possible then it could work. Otherwise such a tool might just make a mess that compounds over time per iteration.

The new shrinkwrap tool is definitely really awesome :smiley:

wait what :exploding_head: :star_struck: that’s so awesome ! :sunglasses: :beers: