RE Workflow Using Shrinkwrap, QuadRemesh and Subd's

Thought I’d post this since it so nicely incorporates a lot of the new tools in V7/V8 WIP. Got an stl today of some laser scanned data for an aircraft nose:

The data was what I’d call okay-ish. Lots of holes, but at least not too much overlapping data and “laser rash”.

I set about cleaning up the mesh, and then “taping over” the holes with surfaces. I used VSR for quickly pasting surfaces on top of the mesh (you can do this in regular Rhino, just takes way longer):

It’s by no means watertight, but I just needed to get it watertight-ish so that I could feed it into ShrinkWrap. Bounced it over to V8, put it in ShrinkWrap and got this:

Impressive result! Especially considering what I was putting into it was absolutely NOT watertight. I chopped the back off (there was a cap on the back, just for the sake of feeding it into ShrinkWrap) and then fed that into QuadRemesh, with a Subd output:

Then pop it out to NURBS polysurfaces:

For use cases where there is no expectation of doing high level editing of the surfaces after conversion, this is a pretty great workflow. Overall impressed!



Can you post zebra stripes?

Sure. It’s a riveted sheet metal structure with lap joints, so I’d say keep your expectations appropriately low - this is the original scan data:

Here’s the NURBS polysurface:

Here’s the Zebra of the NURBS result for that area:


Good job!
May I know how do you set the parameters for ShrinkWrap? And what is your criterion to accept the results?