WISH: Selection commands for subobjects

I wish the selection commands (SelLast, SelPrev, ect.) worked for subobjects. I often use selection filter to select 10 or more faces, then accidentally unselect them. It would be so nice just to use SelPrev to bring back that selection set, but it selections the object instead. Maybe not super high priority, but it would be cool.

Hi Andrew - V7 has some stuff that may help, though not exactly this, in NamedSelections - there is some idea that eventually this could always hold the last x number of selections.In any case SelPrev may be able to be persuaded to know about sub-objects - it would be a good thing to tune up.


@Andrew_Schiffer - It seems in general SelPrev should work with subobjects - I tested the other day and it seemed not to work so I made the bug track item but it should work now in both 6 and 7 and these both do work with SelPrev here, today…



Hi Pascal-
Just played around with named selections- very cool. This will definitely be useful. Anyway, thanks for taking a look at this. I’ll keep an eye out.