Wish - Search field in library window

I’ve made this wish some time ago (could be a lot of time ago…) and I would like to bump it before V6 close the wip period:
I use libraries to import files I need in my project (nothing to do with materials, only drag’n drop like you can do from windows file explorer).
I would find very useful a “Search” box like the one we find in the window’s file explorer to filter big folders… don’t know if this could be a simple task for the developing team…

Hi Lucio,

Does simply typing when the Libraries Panel has focus help? This will bring you to the items beginning with the letters you type. Let me know how a search field like the one for Materials would help more if that doesn’t work well enough. My guess is that you might have folder or files with complex names you want to search by fully versus just their starting letters.

Hi Brian,

Yes, at the moment i call the file typing “on the fly” but it’s a little bit difficult 'cause I need to identify parts with complex codes with 13 letters (i.e. “Z:\Profili_Laser\MTC029FE08000.3dm”) that have more versions than one (and I have to identify it).
Attached an image of the library opened in a folder with about 400 files (sometime I have the code in a pdf and need to copy and paste somewhere to find in the library):

Thanks for confirming!

Filed as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-43417

:+1: Thanks!

On Myjetbrains:

“Brian James commented 14 hours ago
Confirmed the new search in the Libraries panel in 8.0.21277.04305 on Windows. Performance is not great yet but it’s there.”


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